download problem

Thomas Antony thomas.antony at
Sat Jul 2 16:24:07 EDT 2005


I bought UT2004 a few weeks ago and i have some problems joining
servers . The installation went fine and the patch 3355 also. When i
connect to a server i have to download some extra stuff like maps,
The download will start but will not end. For example i have tried
downloading a ~300kb file and have canceled the download after 15
minutes at 2300%. I tried joining the same server with a windows xp
client and there is the download three times faster and will finish
successfully at 100%, so i have to search for the problem on the linux
workstation (linux UT2004 port). As i wrote at the beginning i am really
new to UT2004 and have no ideas what i can do to resolve my problem. I
am really happy for any comment to get my UT2004 installation working.
Thank you in advance!

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