[ut2004] install fails on Xandros

Pollywog linux at shadypond.com
Sat Feb 19 19:13:43 EST 2005

On Saturday 19 February 2005 11:57 pm, Thomas Otto wrote:
> > I had the same issue also on my ut2004 cd set.  I got around this problem
> > by burning a copy of the cd that causes the set-up to abort and used that
> > cd instead of the original when asked to mount the cd. (it happened on
> > Lorma Linux)  Thats how I got it to work for me, I hope this info can
> > help you with this issue.
> I *think* what also would work is to copy the content of all the CDs
> into one directory in the same way they are stored on the DVD edition
> and then setting SETUP_CDROM=/where/you/copied/them/ before running the
> installer, of course this would require 3.7GB free diskspace.

I had done this before, but on Windows.
It is very odd that I have installed from the same set of CD's on this same 
system, but perhaps something in the recently updated Xandros packages messed 
things up.

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