VoIP problem

Tony Bassette tbassette at april.org
Sun Aug 21 13:40:22 EDT 2005

	Hi there,

	a long time before I've installed the openal.so patch included
	with the "please_test_with_ut2004-2.tar.bz2" and created the
	.openalrc file in order to get the VoIP working under ut2004

	I've done everything as described in :

		- http://icculus.org/~warp/ut2004/
		- http://icculus.org/lgfaq/

	At that time everything was working just fine. But for let's say
	2/3 month all I get is "shrshrshrshr" sound (as said friends)
	whenever I use the microphone.

	I thought maybe the latest UT2K4 patch as written over on of the
	file but it's not.

	Any ideas where I should look in order to get the VoIP working

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