[ut2004] UT2004 ECE Bonus Pack

augustus at linuxhardware.org augustus at linuxhardware.org
Fri Sep 24 14:05:45 EDT 2004

You can find my mirror of this at:

b687d747d199c6c70bb38fceaa8f666c  ut2004-ECEBonusPack.tar.bz2

That MD5SUM should also be valid for Icculus' mirror.  I hope this helps 
you guys out.

Kris Kersey (Augustus)
LinuxHardware.org Site Manager
augustus at linuxhardware.org
Gentoo Linux AMD64 Developer
augustus at gentoo.org

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

>> http://liflg.linux-gamers.net/ is working on a linux installer...
> For those that want a simple tarball, with no installer or picking out
> the windows files, Augustus from LinuxHardware.org put one together.
>   http://0day.icculus.org/ut2004/ut2004-ECEBonusPack.tar.bz2
> I'll let him post the URL to the one on his site if he wants the flood.
> The one on 0day is just a copy of it.
> liflg is likely going to build a better solution for end-users, but this
> is nice for the server admins and hardcore.
> --ryan.

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