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Mon Sep 13 17:43:48 EDT 2004

Yeah, i saw that Strike Force movie and it looked fantastic. 
Has anyone tried installing it to a blank UT2004 directory in 
Wine, and copying it over? Does that work? I'm halfway, but I
must sleep now. ;)

Oh, and thanks to Tino for that other download link, it was 
much faster.


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Today, Tino 'Trips' Schuettpelz said to me :)

 #- tino --# 
 #- tino --# For those without wine, I will do a zip archive, it'll just take some
 #- tino --# time as I'm preoccupied with other stuff atm...
 #- tino --# 
 #- tino --# I'd prefer the realshooters.com web site for the download if I was you,
 #- tino --# by the way ;).
 #- tino --# 

 Thank you. I have got SF.exe and installed it on CD at home of my friend :)

 I go to play :)

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