[ut2004]Linux Patch 3323?

Pietje Pukkel maillistrecipient at gothica.nl
Mon Sep 13 14:31:04 EDT 2004

First words are out that windows 3323 is going live, what about the linux
version. Is the current 3233 beta from 0day the same as the final (as it was
back with 3204) or will we have to wait for a week or more before it's
released? Not to put pressure or anything on you Ryan (now you would be
fucked if you'ld even let maillistuser get you pressured even :P) but I'm
just curious (ppl been pressuring me while waiting for 3270.1 anywayz :P).

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Subject: [ut2004] Patch 3321?

> On the http://beyondunreal.com/ website there is a news story that patch
> 3321 is going to be out next week hopefully we can see a new patch in
> maybe two weeks??

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