UT2004 Tickrate/Packets on Windows and Linux

Christoph Balzer christoph.balzer at serveracademy.de
Tue Sep 7 13:47:52 EDT 2004


as it is known, the tickrate had to be set higher on Linux than Windows 
due to the way the Linux scheduler worked in earlier kernels. But with 
newer versions of the kernel, the necessary patch should be included so 
that it should be "exactly" the same on both systems. (I use kernel, so this should not be a problem)

Well, here is my "problem" or better "the strange thing": Normally, I 
have an inconstant number of packets out (only about +/- 3 or 4, between 
37 and 43) and a very inconstant number of packets in (if I am all alone 
on the server, I have something between 3 and 22) (tickrate 40).
But he said, on a Windows-server, he had a constant number of  35 (the 
tickrate there was 35).
So my both questions: 1) Why is it constant on Windows and not on Linux 
(or is this just not normal?)?
2) Was the number of incoming packets lower to save traffic or is this 
because of something else?

Thanks a lot!

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