[ut2004] UT2K4 mods

TheGsusFreek thegsusfreek at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 25 23:15:16 EDT 2004

> I think Ryan is pretty busy. There is just one guy
> stuck to manage x86
> Linux, AMD64 Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows AMD64 --
> plus the same for the
> other games he maintains. 

Yeah. I mean, this guy is awesome!  I didn't mean to
sound ungreatful.

Anyway, I've finished the "UTModInstaller" program
that installs the mods off of the ut2k4 ece dvd.  The
only thing is, it requires cabextract v1.2 ...which is
out yet.  I emailed the creator of the program with an
error I was having and he sent me a beta of the next
released which fixed it.  He says v1.2 will be out in
about a week or two, so when it's out I'll get some
free webspace and stick it up for anyone who might
need it in the future  ...all one and 1/2 of them. :P

Because of Christ,
Phillip Baxter (TheGsusFreek)

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