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Tue Oct 12 17:07:24 EDT 2004

Gian Paolo Mureddu <Thetargos at tutopia.com> wrote:

>Maybe there's .cab file (with the actual files) or some other file, I'd 
>look at file sizes.

Yeah.  I just installed a few in WinXP and copied them over to Linux and they work fine (they don't show up in the "User Mods" section of the community area of the game, though... have to activate them manually: ./ut2004 -mod=airbuccaneer).  Afterwards, I started looking some more on the disc.  I noticed a .cab file, but it was only 1.5GB so I didn't think much of it.  When I opened it, though (not associated in Linux, had to use windows with "WinRAR"), I found that it was 4.5GB uncompressed!  And lo and behold -- there were those files with the looooooong strings of numbers.  They don't have extensions, though.  It would be quite a process to read through the .msi installer's binary and figure out which file goes where and what extension it has.
All this makes me wonder, though:  If the mods run just fine in Linux, WHY on earth didn't they allow Linux users to install them from the disc?!?!?!  Maybe there wasn't enough room on the DVD to have them all as .zip files or something.
Anyway, I'll continue to work on this.  Just one question.  Since I'm not "installing" the mods (just copying and pasting), is there any way I can add those mods to the UT2004 User Mod section?  It would be a lot nicer if I could activate them in UT instead of having to exit and restart with a different argument.
Thanx again for the help!

Because of Christ,
Phillip Baxter (TheGsusFreek)
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