[ut2004] Amd64 dedicated server locking up on vehicle maps

Clint Goudie-Nice clint at magicalspirits.net
Fri Oct 1 10:52:17 EDT 2004

I think the worst part about it is that it requires user intervention to
kick over the process...

Here's a quick kludge I cooked up last night that might help others.

I've noticed that when the server goes into this hang, none of the
sockets respond anymore, so I wrote a script that monitors the IRC
socket, and when it's hung twice in 60 seconds, it gets grumbly and
kills the process. The script I have running my UT server loops and
restarts the server after it's killed. I've only been running it for
half a day now, but I watched it hang once and get restarted without my

Use these goodies at your own risk ;)

I run the UnGateway from elmuerte http://ungateway.elmuerte.com/ and
have the IRC connection turned on... 

----begin monitor.sh----
#! /bin/bash
while true
  cat irc.txt | nc -w 10 localhost 6667 |grep QUIT
  if [ $? -ne 0 ]
    echo "Unable to connect to server Will try again in 30 seconds"
    sleep 30
    cat irc.txt | nc -w 10 localhost 6667 |grep QUIT
    if [ $? -ne 0 ]
      echo "Unable to connect to server Will try again in 30 seconds"
      killall -9 ucc-bin
      killall -9 ucc-bin-linux-amd64
      sleep 60
      cat irc.txt | nc -w 10 localhost 6667 |grep QUIT
      if [ $? -ne 0 ]
        echo "Mailing Admin, cos it's really crashed bad"
        echo "Unable to recover crashed ut2004" | /bin/mail
PageMeHere at wherever.com
  sleep 30
----end monitor.sh----
----begin irc.txt----
NICK Monitor
----end irc.txt----

Btw, UnGateway doesn't actually know the quit command, so it spits out a
"UNKNOWN COMMAND: QUIT" which grep picks up and returns a 0 return code.
Otherwise, if the socket is dead, nc times out, or grep returns an error
code of 1.

This probably wouldn't be hard to adapt for the webadmin either. I had
some issue getting netcat to drop the text to it though...


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ive been getting this with ons for ages.

reported it many times.
still no reponse about it from anyone.
had had to go back 32bit..

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Subject: [ut2004] Amd64 dedicated server locking up on vehicle maps

> This seems to be a recurrant theme on our server. When people play 
> vehicle based maps, generally Vehicle Invasion, within 2 or 3 maps, 
> the server hangs with 100% cpu utilization. The only corrective action

> is to go to the server console, press ctrl-c at which point I get the 
> app requested exit message, and then I have to press ctrl-c again... 
> Then I get this dump...
> Developer Backtrace:
> [ 1]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64 [0x9c53bd]
> [ 2]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64 [0x9c563c]
> [ 3]  /lib64/tls/libpthread.so.0 [0x36fbf0c4a0]
> [ 4]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64 [0xbafa21]
> [ 5]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64 [0x8bb49a]
> [ 6]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64 [0x9725e2]
> [ 7]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64 [0x8bbb91]
> [ 8]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64 [0x9282e7]
> [ 9]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64 [0x9248a6]
> [10]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64 [0x916821]
> [11]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64 [0x5b6009]
> [12]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64 [0x56b786]
> [13]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64 [0x53498a]
> [14]  ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64(atan+0x26bf) [0x40630f]
> [15]  /lib64/tls/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xf2) [0x36fb01c072] [16]

> ./ucc-bin-linux-amd64(strcat+0xaa) [0x403e2a] Unreal Call Stack: 
> AONSHoverCraft::UpdateVehicle <- ASVehicle::execUpdateVehicle <- 
> UObject::ProcessEvent <- ASVehicle::preKarmaStep <- CallPreBodyStep <-

> ProcessPartitions <- KWorldStepSafeTime <- KTickLevelKarma <- 
> TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick
> <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- 
> UServerCommandlet::Main Exiting.
> FileManager: Reading 0 GByte 395 MByte 514 KByte 777 Bytes from HD
> 9.104828
> seconds (3.874906 reading, 5.229922 seeking).
> FileManager: 0.000000 seconds spent with misc. duties
> Name subsystem shut down
> Allocation checking disabled
> From my memory all the hangs are generally in UpdateVehicle, although 
> it seems like other vehicles end up with the same issue. Anyone else 
> having this issue? Any idea how to work around it?
> Thanks!
> Clint

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