[ut2004] [OT] Please do NOT start new subjects with a Reply!

Tom Emerson osnut at pacbell.net
Sat Nov 27 16:02:50 EST 2004

On Saturday 27 November 2004 11:45 am, Thomas Otto wrote:
> So for new topics please compose a new message to increase the
> readibility of this list, even though that involes manually typing the
> listaddress/getting it out of the addressbook.

Other easy ways of starting a new thread

  kmail: go to the folder settings and checkmark "this folder contains a 
mailing list", then enter the posting address in the box provided.  From then 
on, MIDDLE-CLICKING the folder name in the tree automatically brings up a new 
message already addressed properly

  outlook: [from my "equal time for windows users" grabbag] umm... lemme seee 
here -- I found this out once...  oh, yeah: you can define a "button" on your 
toolbar and give it an action of "create a new message for..." and 
pre-address it.  It isn't straightforward, but then, it's microsoft, so why 
should they care? ;)

Seriously, though, between these two examples, it should be fairly easy to 
figure out how to "quickly" create a brand new message without any previous 
linkages for whatever e-mail client you are using.  Those of you silly enough 
to actually like and use "web" based e-mail clients, well, sorry I don't 
think there is an easy way...
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