[ut2004] Help? 64 bit linux client and poor fps.

Zachary Williams admin at ztnet.com
Sat Nov 27 01:55:14 EST 2004

I have two suggestions.  In the bios, how much memory do you allow for the 
AGP device to use?  (I can't recall the setting name specifically). 
Ensuring it's not as some insane low number like 4 or 8 megabytes would be 
good, although unless you changed it from the default, it should be at 32 or 
64.  I've heard many 'suggestions' for this setting, but the one I hear most 
often is 1/2 your ram amount.

Secondly, have you tried turning OFF sound completely?  You have windows and 
linux available, so check your FPS with sound on and off on the windows 
side, then check again on the linux side and see if anything looks off.  We 
are focusing on it being a 'video' issue, but perhaps it is something else 
in the system not allowing the video card to get enough data by starving CPU 
or something else.

If you notice a huge boost in linux by turning off sound, let us know, as I 
have a few other ideas to point you at on that front.


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> I've tried increasing it to as high as 128 to no avail..
> On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 14:03 -0600, Paul wrote:
>> On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 12:07 -0600, Nathan Dale Van Eps wrote:
>> > On Thu, 2004-11-25 at 18:31 -0700, Clint Goudie-Nice wrote:
>> > > > What maps are you getting those fps at? I'll give it a try and see 
>> > > > what
>> > > > I get. I have a 5900.
>> > >
>> > > Any map that has a big open area. I'd imagine any ONS map would do. 
>> > > I've been testing with CTF-Galvanic.
>> >
>> > CTF-CBP2-Botanic will dip into the 20s for me at certain spots. Mostly
>> > when I'm looking at a big open area, and that map is very open. I 
>> > always
>> > thought it was bad map design...ONS open areas work better...
>> Running out of memory for Static Meshes possibly?  If that is the case
>> then this tweak from the ut2004-linux FAQ may possibly fix it.
>> Q: I've got an awesome box, but I can't get more than 9 fps on AS-
>> Mothership. Help!
>> A: Open up your UT2004.ini file and change VARSize=32 to VARSize=64. It
>> should be under the [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice] section. That should
>> do the trick. VARSize controls how much static geometry in megabytes can
>> be cached in AGP memory.
>> Regards,
>> Paul

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