[ut2004] Help? 64 bit linux client and poor fps.

Clint Goudie-Nice clint at magicalspirits.net
Thu Nov 25 20:31:20 EST 2004

> What maps are you getting those fps at? I'll give it a try and see what
> I get. I have a 5900.Any map that has a big open area. I'd imagine any ONS map would do. I've been testing with CTF-Galvanic.

On Thu, 2004-11-25 at 10:42 -0600, Nathan Dale Van Eps wrote:
> BTW, I don't why you get more frames with "UseVSync=True", but this
> should be false.

Yes, I know, but it net's me about 2fps.

> Also, how did you get your AGP Rate to 8x? Mine seems stuck at 4...

No idea. It just fired up that way.

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