[ut2004] 64 bit client problems with downloads

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sat Nov 20 01:09:35 EST 2004

> OK, I started this, so I'll bite: what is it that I don't know about this 
> situation?  Do you or do you not know how big the file is supposed to be that 
> you are receiving?  Is it possible that the actual number of bytes returned 
> by a "get" operation on a socket does not equal the reported number of bytes 
> received?  Is there "supposed to be..." some sort of compression algorithm in 
> place that isn't actually there?  [this would explain a lot -- for example, 
> suppose you expect to receive 100 bytes of compressed data, but in 
> uncompressed form the file is 600 bytes -- physically receiving 600 bytes 
> when you expected to receive 100 would indeed report rather oddly]

There's a lot more involved than just reading bytes from a socket, not 
the least of which is a whole virtual machine for the UnrealScript that 
calls in and out of native code for this.

The answer might very well lie in the areas you've pointed out. I'm just 
saying it's both inaccurate and impolite to show up and tell someone 
that their bugs aren't "rocket science". There's a lot more going on 
behind the scenes than socket i/o.


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