SuSE 9.1 Sound

TheGsusFreek thegsusfreek at
Thu Nov 11 22:37:12 EST 2004

Hey.  I've switched to SuSE 9.1 recently and I
installed UT2K4. It's strange, but it seems that the
weapon sounds don't load until they are first used. 
When I start up the game and start a level, every time
I pick up/fire a new weapon, the game pauses for about
half a second and jerks a few times before returning
to normal play. It takes about two minutes of playing
before I can play without a hitch.

I've tried the .openalrc file in my home directory
with the lines:

(define devices '(alsa))
(define alsa-out-device "hw:0,0")
(define alsa-in-device "hw:0,0")

but when I do that, the game makes very loud and
annoying clicking noises in my speaker while it loads.
Oh, and it still pauses too! So, something must be
wrong with that.

Any idea whats up? Is it just a SuSE problem? Thanx

Because of Christ,
Phillip Baxter (TheGsusFreek)

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