[ut2004] Voip in UT2004 with Nforce2

Rick B zajelo3 at cfl.rr.com
Sat Nov 6 00:13:08 EST 2004

Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:

> Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>>>All I see in the log file is this: "Log: ALAudio: Using
>>>ALC_EXT_capture to record audio". I think that's what your talking
>>>about. If not, would it show anything if it's successful? I'll attach
>>>the whole log just in case.  
>>That's all it would say. OpenAL thinks it's reading from the card.
>>Granted, it might think it's reading silence. Make sure the mixer isn't
>>turned down.
> I rather use alsamixer for finetuning my sound settings (I don't have 
> an nForce2, but I do have a VIA card which acts quite similar to one 
> with ALSA). In alsamixer make sure the microphone is the only 
> recording interface there will be various (like capture, line, phone, 
> etc, etc), just make sure you select the mic and press the spacebar to 
> select it, and try to toggle off (pressing the barspace) other 
> interfaces you may have. The only one you will never be able to toggle 
> off is capture.

Great!! It works! I just had to go through and turn off the unneeded 
things like Gian said. At first it didn't work then I turned capture on 
and that did the trick. Just in case someone reads this having similar 
problems, it's everything off except for Mic,Pcm and Capture. Thanks guys.

                Rick B


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