Tim Speltz tims at
Tue Nov 2 10:52:48 EST 2004

I'm running an older Linux build, 7.something, but i'd like to use the 
newer UT2004 patches with the new maps, and the nre Red Orchestra. These 
require to be in /usr/lib/

My older Linux stores all that stuff in /usr/local/lib/ ... which I 
don't have write access to since I'm not root, can't be root, and 
shouldn't even bother asking for root.

Is there a way to get UT2004 to look elsewhere for libstdc++ than /usr ? 
I tried just copying from a newer Linux build to my 
UT2004/System dir, but it didn't help. I grep'ed my env for likely env 
variables, but found nothing.


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