[ut2004] trying to install UT2004 on gentoo 2004.1

asdf asdf alias969 at hotmail.com
Sat May 29 20:46:11 EDT 2004

I've been running the installer from my hd where I copied all the cd's

>From: Matthew Arnold <marnold at ez-net.com>
>Reply-To: ut2004 at icculus.org
>To: ut2004 at icculus.org
>Subject: Re: [ut2004] trying to install UT2004 on gentoo 2004.1
>Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 19:36:09 -0500
>asdf asdf wrote:
>>well the cd's work fine under windows and linux can read the files on the 
>>cd no problem.  Is it possible to
>>get the linux binaries off of someone on this list?  I have all the 
>>textures and maps from my windows install  I would expect all I need to 
>>run it in linux would be the linux version of those binaries I really have 
>>no idea how big those would be but I would think that the bulk of those 
>>5.5 gigs isn't the binaries  anymore help would be greatly appreciated 
>>thanx so much for all your work so far Gian
>The binaries are in the 3204 patch tarball. I'm not sure if just copying 
>everything over will do the trick.
>Your problems really sound like you are trying to run the installer by 
>going to the CD mount point first (i.e. cd /mnt/cdrom; sh linux-installer).

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