[ut2004] Linux Ut2004 Sound/Patch problem

Steve Lawson slawson at f2s.com
Sun May 23 04:09:21 EDT 2004

Deflector wrote:

>I had the retail version working, but there was no sound.
>So I installed the patch and now it wont even load, i get this error:
>./ut2004-bin: error while loading shared libraries: ./libSDL-1.2.so.0:
>cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
>ive tried putting links to that file in the main and system folder, with
>no luck.
>Anyone know a fix?
I'm running the amd64 version, and had this problem.
I changed a couple of lines in the ut2004 script to fix the problem.
Under the #Let's boogie! part of the code there are some lines which 
point to ut2004-bin. I changed these to read ut2004-bin-linux-amd64.

All works fine now.

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