Weird graphics Issues with Radeon 9000

Ben Zeigler zeiglb at
Sat May 1 17:36:41 EDT 2004

Archives for this list seem to be down, so don't yell at me for a 
repeat.  Anyway, I recently purchased the DVD version of UT2k4 and 
installed it on my linux box.  I have an IBM T41 with a Radeon 9000.  
I'm running unstable debian with kernel 2.6.5, and have the 3.7.6 
version of the proprietary ATI driver that I downloaded from . 
I am using Xfree 4.3

Anyway, here's my issue.  The menus work perfectly.  SOME maps work 
perfectly.  Specifically, I can run the first DM mission in single 
player fine at 640x480 (at around 70 fps, even).  However, somewhat 
randomly at higher resolutions, the screen will totally screw up.  It 
displays a variety of grey triangles that seem to extend in completely 
random directions.  The weapon model still draws correctly.  These 
triangles even extend in front of the menu when I press EScape, 
occaisionally.  On other maps, this corruption or whatever happens as 
soon as the map loads.  I can't figure out what exactly causes it.  When 
this doesnt happen, the graphics look perfect and run at accelerated 
speed.  Any idea what's up?


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