Invalid map index

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Tue Mar 23 17:51:36 EST 2004

I've installed a linux dedicated server, created the cdkey file and start it with something like:
ucc-bin server DM-RANKIN?game=XGame.xDeathMatch?AdminName=me?AdminPassword=pass

I have enabled the web admin server in the .ini file, and set it on a custom port, just the same as I did with ut2003

When I point a web browser at it to configure the server, under the "Current" section, the "Switch Game Type" combo box is empty, and the  "Switch Map" combo shows "***None***" and has not other available selection.

In the "Defaults" section, none of the maps are in the cycle.    If I selected some, or all with >>,  they move to the in-cycle section but as soon as I click Use or Save, they all jump back to the non-in-cycle section.

Whilst carrying out these actions, "Invalid map index" appears in the server console.

This also happened to a friend of mine who runs a windows server, but he just clicked Switch randomly and it seemed to clear the problem.  No such luck for me though.

Anyone have a solution please ?


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