[ut2004] No love with linux installer

Death Wire deathwire at austin2600.org
Sun Mar 21 16:59:37 EST 2004

Quoting Olivier -Staz- Le Thanh <staz at perso.be>:

> Le 20.03.2004 10:50:32, Sean Hamilton a écrit :
> > My suggestion is that the linux-install.sh script on the first CD ask  
> > its questions, then generates a makefile in ~/ut2004install. The user  
> > is then told to switch to that directory and make install. The  
> > makefile can have for each file a dependency on the destination file,  
> > as well as md5-summing, prompting for new CDs, etc.
> Am I the only one who think this man is mentally sick ? o.O
Yeah he is sick.  Why use make when you can use jam!?


"... and then the Sys Admin emailed the client an the email read 'We've traced
the packets and the pings are coming from inside the house! Get Out!'"

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