[ut2004] ut2004 Installation Help needed

Kristopher Kersey augustus at linuxhardware.org
Fri Mar 19 12:25:18 EST 2004


You need to manke sure Juliet ISO extensions are compiled into your
kernel.  If you are running the stock Mandrake kernel then there may be a
module.  If you built your own, go check your config.  Hope this helps.

Kris Kersey (Augustus)
LinuxHardware.org Site Manager
augustus at linuxhardware.org

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004, Bernd Dau wrote:

> Hi folks, specially hi Ryan!
> I do own the DVD SE Version. I use Mandrake 9.2 so far.
> As root I do cd /mnt <return>
> bash scd0/linux-installer.sh --keep
> It seem's to run but suddenly after a few seconds there apeares a dialog
> box that tells me :"Please mount the Unreal Tournament 2004 Play Disc CDROM
> Choose Yes to retry, No to cancel"
> But how? the disc is inserted... and btw. where is the copied
> install-script stuff?

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