[ut2004] ALSA and voice chat?

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Thu Mar 18 22:26:48 EST 2004

Matthew Arnold wrote:

>> Go online, join a chat channel and hold down 'f' while talking. You 
>> should
>> see a volume barappear and move on the left of the HUD if the game 
>> "hears"
>> you.
> Will this work if you're running a listen server too?

Well, I just answered this for myself. It doesn't work with a listen 
server. I joined a public server and saw a volume bar appear and react 
to me talking. It doesn't work at all when I start a listen server and 
play. Oh the hours I wasted trying to get this to work! Ryan, is there a 
way this could be fixed in a future patch so someone running a listen 
server can also do voice chat?


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