[ut2004] Just found this list

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Mon Mar 15 17:56:19 EST 2004

> I was watching the ut2003 list for news on the linux
> dedicated server for ut2004. Dopy me. Shoulda known
> that there would be a ut2004 list.

(there is a ut2004servers at epicgames.com list which is more
admin-friendly...this list is generally for the linux gamers, so I
didn't even think to announce it here...sorry about that.)

> The game is due in stores in the next couple of days.
> Any word on when the linux dedicated server will be availavble?

Just released last night:


The one package has all currently-supported platforms (win32, linux/x86,
linux/amd64, and MacOS X) dedicated server binaries in it, since we
didn't want to reupload 700 megs for each platform to swap out about 10
megs of binaries each.

Please be aware that it uncompresses to about 2 gigabytes...and that is
with most of the content stripped out!


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