[ut2004] UT2004 - ATi

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at tutopia.com
Sun Mar 14 19:22:58 EST 2004

Alex Gobey wrote:

>Hi all,
>	I have recently installed Mandrake 10 on my P4 2.8 - 512 ram - ATi radeon 
>9700 pro machine. I decided to run the demo and i was disappointed to say the 
>least. I averaged 12-20 fps on Torlan and 40-60 on Rankin. Overall performace 
>is overall very inferior to the windows version where i usually average 
>60-80. I used the latest ATi drivers and the rig performace very well in 
>other opengl based games such as Enemy-territory. In glxgears i get approx 
>3777 fps.
>	What i want to know is:
>		Anyone else getting these kind of fps? - with the same or similar specs.
This is a common problem with the ATi drivers, and depending on your 
hardware configuration (mainly your AGP chipset), you may have a very 
low performance. A few hints could be to re-check your system setup, 
check for a this directory /usr/X11R6/lib/tls, if there's such 
directory, just rename its contents (they're libGL.so.1.2 and its 
symlink). Also be sure that /usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.so.1 points to 
libGL.so.1.2 and not an older libGL.so.1.2 or a backup. Other than that 
ther's not much you can do really.

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