[ut2004] DVD special edition

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Thu Mar 11 17:44:08 EST 2004

> While the gesture is noble, I don't think the few sales through Tux 
> Games are really going to have any influence on Epic's decisions to port 
> future games. Having said that, it seems silly that TG wouldn't carry 
> the DVD version.

Please note that when you talk to the UT2004 master server (When you
click "Play Online" and see the Message Of The Day, you've talked to the
master server) your current OS is associated with your CD key, so we
know exactly how many people are playing on Linux.

Even if you plan to only use the single-player portions of the game, if
you want to be counted as a Linux user, go get the Message of the Day
once and you're registered.

If you later use the same CD key on a Windows box, you'll cease being
counted as a Linux user until you play on Linux again...we only track by
last platform a CD key was used on.

This is _exactly_ what we use for statistics, so this is the single best
way to "vote" for Linux support. We track this number aggressively,
since understanding our customers' platform-of-choice is very important
to us.

If TuxGames reports something about their sales to Epic or Atari
(_especially_ Atari), it's not going to be heard, to be honest. If you
only buy from TuxGames to "be counted", you should instead buy the game
wherever you can get it cheapest/fastest, but if you feel a moral
conviction to buy from TuxGames (and there's nothing wrong with that),
then you should follow your bliss.


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