[ut2004] Server problem

Matt Raffel matt.raffel at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 9 08:25:11 EST 2004

I am using NAT.  I doubled check that the ports are forwarded correctly.   I 
dunno why, but I am suspicious that Adelphia has done something....I have 
nothing to prove it by.  I guess I just want to blame something.

On Monday 08 March 2004 09:42 pm, Josh wrote:
> If your using NAT I'm assuming you forwarded the ports for the server.
> Did your router reboot and lose it's port forward settings perhaps?
> Just a thought , other than that I have no idea.
> Matt Raffel wrote:
> >I am running UT2003 on Mandrake 9.1.   Everything was working fine.  And
> > then, one day I started seeing these messages appear in the console:
> >
> >
> >MasterServerUplink: Resolved ut2003master2.epicgames.com as
> >gethostbyname failed (EBADF)
> >MasterServerUplink: Connection to ut2003master2.epicgames.com established.
> >Master server connection failed
> >
> >Now, no one on the internet can connect to my server to plan (anything
> > from the LAN still works).   I have no idea why.   Could this be a
> > problem with my ISP?   I would most certainly appreciate any feedback at
> > all....this is frustrating.
> >
> >Thanks
> >Matt
> >
> >-------------------------------------------------------

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