[ut2004] UT2004 is Gold!

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Sat Mar 6 08:01:39 EST 2004

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Matthew Arnold wrote:

> Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>> In case you missed this news, the PC version of UT2004 is Gold...that
>> is, it has gone to manufacturing, and will be on the shelves in less
>> than two weeks.
>> The Linux version, client and server, 32 and 64-bit, are all on the
>> disc. The installer is on disc one of the CD version, and in the root
>> directory of the DVD version. There's a Linux penguin logo on the retail
>> box. Go buy a copy. Buy two.  :)
> Extremely sweet. Now I just have to wait for my DVD version to come 
> from EB Games!
> Matt
k, I'm wondering why I'm receiving this mail :/
how can I unsubscribe?

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