[ut2004] kernel 2.6 - linux client's framerate capped at 50?

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Fri Mar 5 20:04:36 EST 2004

Thomas Otto wrote:

> Talking about kernel 2.6 - anyone checked if it ut2k4 still takes longer
> to initially load unter 2.6 than under 2.4?
> Old thread from the 2k3 list (Message-ID <400E22BE.5070201 at gmx.net>):


>> Matt:
> I've heard these complaints too, but have not experienced them. UT2K3
> and NWN start up just as fast in 2.6.1 and 2.6.2-rc3 (yes, I'm
> up-to-date :) ) as in 2.4.24 for me.

I still don't have any start-up problems with ut2k4. The only times I 
ever noticed a slow-down in a start-up time is when I botched a 2.6.x 
compilation so that DMA was not working on my hard drive and one time 
when Mozilla freaked out and was eating up all my CPU.

FWIW, I'm now up to 2.6.3.


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