[ut2004] Unreal Tournament 2004 on Linux

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at tutopia.com
Fri Mar 5 00:20:56 EST 2004

Eric Yff wrote:

>There is probably a way to run the game without sound if it fails to 
Yes there is: -nosound will do the trick. By the way Thomas, to make 
sure you are capable of running OpenGL hardware accelerated (or as Eric 
said in DRI mode), please check the output of the glxinfo command and 
look for the string "direct rendering: " (you may do so also by issuing 
the command like this: glxinfo | grep direct) Depending on whether it 
says "direct rendering: yes" or "direct rendering: no" the meaning is 
that in the affirmative case (yes) you have DRI enabled, thus OpengGL HW 
acceleration working correctly, otherwise you have no OpenGL HW 
acceleration available. You say you run RH 7.3 which comes with XFree86 
version 4.2.0-42 (I think). In any case you may see if the DRI project 
(the ones providing HW OpenGL acceleration in X 4.x) have new drivers 
for your videocard. Go to dri.sourceforge.net, good luck.

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