[ut2004] Unreal Tournament 2004 Software Render Problems

Eric Yff eyff at insightbb.com
Mon Mar 1 12:24:01 EST 2004

I looked through the UT2004.ini that was in the .ut2004demo/System directory in my home directory. I do not see any field that has anything to do with bitdepth. Also, when I try to change the bit depth from Unreal Tournament, the bitdepth menu is locked. I am using an i810e integrated video card, which only supports 16,24, (and some lower bit depths). X is configured to run at a bit depth of 16 (which is what Unreal Tournament says itself is set at). What is interesting is that when I edit my X configuration files, and change it from 16 bit to 24 bit color depth, when I run Unreal Tournament 2004, the colors work perfectly. I do not think that this is a bit depth problem, because when I run it in windowed mode (in 16 bit mode), the colors are still messed up (including all of the rest of the screen). When I click outside of UT2004, the colors are fixed, and stay fixed when I click back into Unreal Tournament 2004. Does anyone have any idea why it might do this? Thanks.

On Mon, 01 Mar 2004 14:50:07 -0600
Gian Paolo Mureddu <Thetargos at tutopia.com> wrote:

> Eric Yff wrote:
> >I am using GNU/Linux, and I downloaded the demo for Unreal Tournament 2004. The hardware render does not work for my system, so I use the software rendering (ut2004demo -software). However, allthough the game starts and runs correctly, the colors are completely messed up. I am not quite sure what is going on, and I have not been able to find anything on the Internet by someone who has had a similar problem. I am sorry if someone has already sent a similar message; I just joined the list. Thanks in advance.
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> What is the color bit-depth in the UT2004.ini file? Maybe you are 
> running at a lower depth?

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