[ut2004] SIGHUP problem localized!!

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at tutopia.com
Wed Jun 23 22:30:50 EDT 2004

EC wrote:

>try mving your home dir to something else (/home/user-old) and run ut2004.  then you can tell if its a file in there.  otherwise, i guess it is most likely permissions on something.  what different groups was this other account in compared to your regular one?
Thanks for your reply, oddly enough the whole ut2004 install has the 
same permissons for the users, and all users (and the ut2004) are 
members of the same group (in my system root:rikers). Deffintely the 
problem lies somewhere in my home directory... I'll try doing a backup 
of the directory and erasing/re-creating my user and run the game with 
this "new" user to see what happens...

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