SIGHUP problem localized!!

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at
Wed Jun 23 19:46:08 EDT 2004

Tired of not being able to play UT2004 on-line, and having re-installed 
my system (from scratch), re-installed the game, et al and having the 
same problem I came to the realization that the *only* thing that did 
not change during that process was my home directory. So before trashing 
my user.ini and UT2004.ini files off my home directory, I decided to run 
the game as another user in my system... What do you knkow, it worked! 
Clicking the Join game and the Community menu options did not crash the 
game (though it took a while for the news page to load. Anyway, I logged 
off this account and accessed my usual account, renamed my .ut2004 
directory and then tried it... The game crashed... BUT not before it 
contacted the Master Server.

This ONLY happens with my default user... What could be wrong?! The 
other two users in my system can see the news page in the Join Game or 
Cummunity menus except mine, I've made sure and removed ANY .ut2004* 
folder and file off my home directory... How do I do an strace of the 
program to do a debug and find why is the problem only occuring to my user?

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