Terrible luck even with newest patches

Fred Richards tech at geexology.org
Sun Jun 20 20:18:43 EDT 2004

  I've been having terrible luck, even with the newest patches.  I'm 
throroughly convinced it's not UT2004 though.  The problems all started 
when I went to kernel 2.6.7 (or a patched 2.6.6, for the recent 
exploit.)  The minute I start the game, the whole system locks up hard.  
Nothing shows up in ~/.ut2004/System/UT2004.log either.   I think it's 
more of an issue with the newer kernels and the nvidia 5336 driver.  
There's a rss_glx screensaver "busyspheres" that does the same thing ... 
I've also turned the machine on to see my xscreensaver frozen, and the 
machine gone with it.  I have a slackware-current installation, which I 
recently upgraded to 10rc1 (from the "current" snapshot of May 25th)... 
The last time I can remember playing the game successfully was with 
kernel 2.6.6 (the one with the dos vuln), Nvidia driver 5336 and the 
Slackware-current from May 25th, 2004, as well as the 3204 patch of UT.  
I seriously think there's a conflict with the way the patch for the DOS 
vulrnerability effects the kernel and Nvidia's binary driver...  anyone 
else have these issues?

-- Fred

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