[ut2004] Linux 3236 with fixed load times...

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Sun Jun 20 12:33:14 EDT 2004

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> So the long load times are due to a codegen bug in gcc. I have no idea
> what changed that caused this, since the code that's blowing up hasn't
> changed since 2003...but it looks like Unreal is moving to gcc3 on
> linux/x86, finally.
> Here are some new builds. If you're a Linux/x86 user, you're definitely
> going to want to try these, but tentatively, in case something new and
> strange is wrong. The load time is definitely fixed, though.


Yep, these definitely fix the long load time problem. BR-Slaughterhouse 
now loads in 37 seconds instead of almost 5 minutes. As always, you're 
my hero.


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