Linux 3236 with fixed load times...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sun Jun 20 11:48:08 EDT 2004

So the long load times are due to a codegen bug in gcc. I have no idea
what changed that caused this, since the code that's blowing up hasn't
changed since 2003...but it looks like Unreal is moving to gcc3 on
linux/x86, finally.

Here are some new builds. If you're a Linux/x86 user, you're definitely
going to want to try these, but tentatively, in case something new and
strange is wrong. The load time is definitely fixed, though.

Linux/amd64 didn't suffer this bug; if you already had the 64-bit 3236
installed, the included binaries are identical, so don't redownload

Please note that gcc3 requires a support library that gcc2 didn't. Any
modern Linux distro will have it, but older ones (and FreeBSD's linux
compatibility) may not. Generally, if your system has gcc3 installed,
you're fine. If the binaries fail to run, you can either install gcc3,
or download these libraries pre-built here:

Put them somewhere the dynamic loader will see them and you're done. Be
careful that they don't interfere with system upgrades, blah blah blah.


05bc3d52b47655aa866f6a5640cb9bbc  ut2004-lnxpatch3236-1.tar.bz2


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