[ut2004] mic capture device (slightly offtopic)

Daniel Pierce dlpierce at indiana.edu
Tue Jun 15 02:17:22 EDT 2004

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You didn't say what soundcard you have and which sound system you are
using (alsa or oss).  I use alsa with the cmipci driver, so I'll
describe that.  To disable the mic output and keep the mic input enabled
is as simple as opening alsamixergui (or whatever volume control you
prefer) and muting the mic channel (turning off the green speakers) but
keep the red indicator on for the mic.  The procedure should be similar
for other configurations.
I think thats what you are wanting.
- -Dan

rob larkin wrote:
| rob larkin wrote:
|> This isn't strictly on topic but I think there's a chance someone here
|> has solved this problem.
|> My clan uses TS2 for matches.  My problem is that in order for my
|> friends to hear my I have to turn the volume on the the mic almost all
|> the way up.  The mic is open all the time so whether I'm talking or
|> not I hear the background noise and it's pretty distracting.  Is there
|> a way to keep it quiet, so that the mic isn't open unless I'm
|> alctually talking?  I think that ut2004 does this because w/o
|> teamspeak the capture device seems to only be activated when I press
|> the activate key (v for me).
|> Also, does anyone have TS *and* the built-in voice working at the same
|> time?
|> Thx,
|> Rob
| ack, I forgot to say that I did read the how-to on linux-games.  The key
| seems to be "disable playback for the microphone".  I'm trying to do
| that.  Sorry to reply to my own post.
| Rob
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