[ut2004] umod again

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Thu Jun 3 15:32:55 EDT 2004

Sebastien Chaumat wrote:

>>> ./ucc-bin umodunpack -l ~/DL/CBP2/CBP2_Volume2.ut4mod  -nohomedir
>>>ucc.exe: UnrealOS execution environment
>>>Copyright 2001 Epic Games Inc
>>>Commandlet umodunpack not found
>>>Any way to solve this problem ?
>>Ummm, yeah. It appears that you're trying to do this under Windows or at 
>>least with the Windows binaries. There's no "ucc.exe" in Linux. 
>>umodunpack will only work with Linux binaries. Here's the output I got 
>>when trying to list the files from an old UT utmod (I didn't have any 
>>UT2K4 ones lying around).
> Read carefully : I was using linux binary (I don't even know what
> windows is :) )

It's not a matter of reading carefully. It's the "ucc.exe" in the error 
message that threw me.

>  No : this is a "bug" (I reported it) : the ut2004 directory was owned
> by root and I was trying to umodunpack with normal user privileges. The
> output is unclear, it should be something related to file permissions.

I was able to reproduce this by adding the -nohomedir switch. If I don't 
add that, I can list the contents of the umod just fine. Odd that you'd 
need write permission just to list the contents of a file . . .

Regardless, you are absolutely correct. You, sir, are the proud owner of 
a bug. The "ucc.exe" part of the error must just be a straggler from the 
Windows-specific code.


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