[ut2004] lokiupdater?

Zachary Williams admin at ztnet.com
Sat Jul 31 12:07:21 EDT 2004

Heh, I beg to differ.  The loki updater was cool 'when it worked'.  When it
didn't, getting a tarball out of that was not an enjoyable experience.
Considering the updates are primiarly some additional files and a few
updated ones, that come out in all-inclusive (previous patches included)
tarballs, I'm pretty satisfied with that.  Direct access to files is a big
plus, for when you would prefer just to tar xfz utupdate.tar.gz over your
install, or even peruse the patch files BEFORE installaion. :)


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> Hi
> In UT2003 we had the best updating tool ever, the loki updater.
> Where has that gone in UT2004?
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> Bjorn Andersen
> <ba at linuxin.dk>

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