[ut2004] More slow new maps

peter wright hardw1re at utleague.com
Wed Jul 28 00:11:34 EDT 2004

Well those are cache files, there are two methods to having the
mods/mutators/maps that are run on a server, theres the manual download, ie,
via a website and manually placing them in the appropriate folder, or the
other, which is to download them off the server, these are then stored as
cache files, i dont know how good linux/unix is with reading from these
cache files compared to actually having them in the main directories. i
suggest you look for the cache ini file that list what each cache file is,
and then renaming them, including the extension and then placing the files
into the appropriate folder that might help. The second ( i see this with my
windows machine ), the less space there is on a harddrive, and of course
your always adding new "crap" onto your drives everyday with usuage the
slower the drive gets, this then becomes a problem with the reading/writing
too of memory and of read-only files thus slowing the game down. so i
suggest you see if thats the case.

Hardw1re a.k.a Peter Wright

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From: "Rick B" <zajelo3 at cfl.rr.com>
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Subject: [ut2004] More slow new maps

>     Hi all,
>        A while back I posted a question about the much slower than usual
> performance I expierienced while playing the new map Valarna. Now I've
> been playing more new maps with the same problem, a much slower than
> usual fps performance. Does anybody know why this is happening? I have
> noticed a number of new files showing up in my ~/.ut2004/System with the
> filetype being ".ucl" and ~/.ut2004/Cache with the ".uxx" filetype,
> could these be going to the wrong folder and causing this slowdown?
> Should I move them to somewhere in the /usr/local/games/ut2004 directory?
>                 TIA
>                 Rick B

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