[ut2004] Cant find libGL

Luke Bigum catach at tpg.com.au
Wed Jul 21 00:11:37 EDT 2004

>     You can run nvidia-check on it, and it will tell you if anything is
> wrong with your setup and I think it also tell's you how to fix
> incorrect setups. I've attached it, because I googled for it and
> couldn't find it just now. But I don't know if the mail server will let
> the attachment get through. If not and you can't find it, email me at
> zajelo3 at cfl . rr . com and I will send it to you..
>                 Rick B
>           Rick B

That script is looking for /dev/nvidia1, whereas I have nvidia0 and nvidiactl.
All other OpenGL apps have no problems with this.

On Wed, 21 Jul 2004 04:03, Aaron Gyes wrote:
> This happened to a bunch of people. Update to the newest nvidia-glx and
> opengl-update, then run "opengl-update nvidia" as root.

I've done that and tried reinstalling nvidia-glx and the nvidia-driver, but no 

Luke Bigum
catach at tpg.com.au
lbigum at cs.rmit.edu.au

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