[ut2004] Can't load Assault maps?

Gian Paolo Mureddu Thetargos at tutopia.com
Wed Jul 14 00:29:47 EDT 2004

David Krider wrote:

> I was playing for several hours. I switched over to 1024 (from 800) 
> because my machine was running so well. I played a couple more levels, 
> and then it just STOPPED loading levels. I'd join the LAN server. I'd 
> wait for 5 to 10 minutes. But it would either never load, or it would 
> dump out of X. I thought that the latest patches. Fixed the load time 
> problems. I changed my resolution back, but that didn't fix it. I 
> tried about 5 times. I finally gave up and am now loading it in 
> Windows, but - oy - the ribbing for dropping out of Linux at the hands 
> of the resident Windows freak. Ug. Someone save me! I don't suppose 
> that I've given enough information, but I just don't even know were to 
> start. I've got a dual Athlon 2800 with 1 GB of RAM and a GeForce 4600 
> Ti. I'm running SuSE 9.1 with the latest kernel and the latest NVidia 
> driver. Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> dk
Did you restart the program? Does it happen now every time you start the 
program? If so, try running it as another user (you may create just a 
test user for this purpose) and see if the problem persists. I had 
problems related to files in my /home directory, but only affected my 
regular user, other users in the system had no problems... (I still 
don't understand what happened that time)

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