[ut2004] UT2004 and text to speech

Joel Wiramu Pauling aenertia at aenertia.net
Tue Jul 6 05:49:32 EDT 2004

If Epic does a re-release of Ut2004, you should try and get them to
include festival. It works as a binary really well, and It would be nice
to say to people text to speech works out of the box...

+ Open Source. =-)

On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 20:29, Andrew Colvin wrote:

> Hi all this email is just for info in case anybody else trips over the 
> problem.
> I recently install festival and speechd to my PC and changed my ut2004.ini to 
> point to /dev/speech.
> All works great - no more missed messages.
> However, today I forgot to start speechd (haven't yet created an rc script for 
> it).  UT2004 when it was started would just hang after is shows the normal 
> warning about ALC_...  
> Several kill and re-runs - no improvement, a reboot later and still failure.  
> Beginning to pull my hair out.  No warnings, errors or any message 
> whatsoever.  What had I done.  A ctrl-c and ut reports a ctrl-c pressed 
> before main loop executed!!!!  
> At the point of giving up and not playing I remembered I hadn't started 
> speechd.  It then all worked but not before I had messed with my sound 
> settings and stopped my VOIP from working!  Ahhhhhhhh!
> Ryan, it would be nice to have an error or warning and possibly switch it off 
> if the device specified does not exist.
> Sorry for my tail of woos.  I won't forget it again.
> Andrew
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