[demo's and screenshots]-->movie's

Robert Larkin mani at clan-mb.net
Mon Jul 5 20:30:17 EDT 2004


I'm trying to work out the "best" way to generate hi-quality screenshots 
and movies from a serverside demo.  I hope to initiate a discussion here 
on that topic.

I'm only just getting started, but I'm planning to experiment with 
gvidcap/xvidcap as well as the builti-in avi generator.  Also, it seems 
that I would have more encoding/editing options if 2k4 could "dump 
frames" from a demo the way that 2k3 did but this doesn't seem 
possible.  I did read recently that sdl 1.3 (cvs) can "off-screen 
rendering" which I'm thinking means render to a file instead of the 
monitor.  That sounds interesting so I'll likely wreck my system 
experimenting with that as well.

Is anyone else comparing different ways of producing screens and movies?


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