[ut2004] Missing 640x480 resolution

Marco Canini marco.canini at fastwebnet.it
Sat Feb 21 20:07:25 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 17:18, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> Marco Canini wrote:
> > Hello Matt,
> > 
> > thanks!
> > 
> > I'm now able to get 85 hz as vert refresh in 800x600, however the
> > 640x480 is still not listed.
> > Do you think that the nvidia driver version could be important for that?
> > Which version you use?
> I'm using 5336. Do you have 640x480 in your XF86Config? Having said 
> that, not only to I have 640x480 listed as an option, I have several 
> other resolutions that are not in my XF86Config.
I'm using 4496. 640x480 is listed in my x config file, but i don't think
sdl uses it.
Anyway i've to say that there's a huge performance gap between playing
it under windows and linux.
do you think using 5336 would help?

> Matt
Marco Canini <marco.canini at fastwebnet.it>

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