[ut2004] voice chat

Andrew Pilley ashridah at icculus.org
Sun Feb 15 17:43:22 EST 2004

If you're technically inclined, you can recompile your own openal to get voice
capture to work, see this url: http://icculus.org/~warp/ut2004/
It contains basic instructions, and mentions a few caveats.

Andrew 'ashridah' Pilley

Quoting rob larkin <manifold at manifoldone.com>:

> Aaron Gyes wrote:
> > On Fri, 2004-02-13 at 15:21 -0800, rob larkin wrote:
> > 
> > 
> >>Is there a readme or how-to somewhere on how to setup my environment so 
> >>that voice chat will work with ut2004?  I'm using a sblive (emu10k) 
> >>under alsa SuSE 8.2.  My mic works.  When I join a server I do 
> >>automatically join the team channel just like in windows, but my mic is 
> >>on all the time.  How do I make the "voice activation key" work?
> > 
> > 
> > Icculus said yesterday that it will probably not work with native ALSA
> > backend of OpenAL, and might not work with ALSA's oss emulation. Bad
> > because I can only get surround working with ALSA. :(
> Ok, I've pretty much given up on making it work with ALSA and I'm 
> considering getting rid of ALSA for OSS just for this game.  It sucks 
> because so much depends on ALSA.  I have two questions I hope someone on 
> this list can answer:
> Has anyone confirmed that the voice chat feature works with OSS?  I'd 
> hate to go thru the trouble just to find out it doesn't work anyway.
> Does anyone have experience with changing from ALSA to OSS "on the fly"? 
>   I mean using a bash script to shut down ALSA, remove the ALSA modules, 
> load the OSS driver etc.  And of course a script to go back to ALSA, 
> maybe it could setup as a ut2004 start script like in init.d
> Thx,
> }MB{MANIFOLD-recruiting at www.clan-mb.net (Rob)

"Outlook not so good" 
Wow. This magic eightball knows everything. Next I'll ask it about exchange! 

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