From 32 to 64 bit

Bjørn Andersen ba at
Sun Dec 19 01:37:49 EST 2004


I have this strange problem. 
I have used the 32 bit version of Fedora 2 but now i have updated to 64
bit Fedora 3. I have all the patches and bonus packs installed.

When i join a server where there is some maps that i dont have, then it
starts to download. Thats normal, but it can download up to 600-700 % of
that map before it stops. And it is dead slow. (The first i download is
fast, but the rest is slow. 5-10 min for 1 mb)

Does anyone has the same problem?

I have a AMD64 3400+ and a FX5900 Ultra.

Best Regards
Bjorn Andersen

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