Fedora Core, No Go, No GL

Paul Ferguson paul at paulferg.com
Wed Dec 15 14:18:36 EST 2004

Hi z0001283 at zoo.co.uk

Have a look here


and in the top link "Fedora Core 1 (Yarrow) Trouble-shooting guide"
there is a description of how to install the nvidia drivers. This is for
an earlier version of Fedora but worked for me with FC2


On 15-Dec-04, z0001283 at zoo.co.uk wrote:
> Looks like that file is called xorg.conf in Fedora. 
> I have an Nvidia Geforce4.

> I will down load the dirver file and follow their 
> readme. Looks like you have at least started me on 
> the right path.

> Dean



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