[ut2004] making new gametypes

Pollywog linux at shadypond.com
Tue Aug 31 13:49:08 EDT 2004

I wanted to make another gametype, one based on Onslaught but with added 
mutators.  I have seen this done on a server and I am sure it was done with 
the GameMake tool.  You answered my question though, that it can't be done in 
Linux, which is what I suspected.  If I want to do it, I will have to install 
the game in a Windows partition in order to use GameMake; I believe GameMake 
needs to see an installation (a full one) of UT2004 or it won't work.

I can do what I want, more or less, but I have to vote (UT2Vote43) the 
mutators in each time I start the game and that is what I wanted to avoid.



On 08/31/2004 05:25 pm, Mike Norris wrote:
> Pollywog wrote:
> | Is there a tool for Linux, for making new gametypes for UT2004?
> | I have Win4Lin/Win98SE so I installed GameMake3 (I had never used this
> tool
> | before) and it will not make a "U" file, it says it can't find my
> UT2004.ini
> | when it is in fact present.  I even used unix2dos to convert the file
> to DOS
> | format but GameMake still says it can't find it.  Perhaps there is
> another
> | way to make gametypes in Linux?
> What are you trying to do *exactly*?  To compile a .u file, you must
> execute "ucc make" under Windows (or VMWare I suppose.)

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